Mountain Home--Nativity Scene--George, MLK, and Jesus

Baxter County, Arkansas, has been told to remove their "Nativity Scene" from the courthouse lawn or face a lawsuit. The Judge, the Mayor, and the city attorney have been told "The elaborate courthouse display amounts to a monument to Christianity.", so says the Appignani Humanist Legal Center out of Washington D.C. in their letter dated January 1, 2014. How interesting! This Center sends a letter dated January 1, 2014 which is technically January 1, 2014 A.D. Their letter recognizes the same birthday of the same person which the Nativity Scene is recognizing. Their attorney, Monica Miller, says the display is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. Their letter to Mountain Home is dated January 1, 2014 A.D., which date by being in print endorses as a fact, which the Legal Center believes to be true, that the letter was written on the 1st day of the first month of the 2014 year since the birth of this human being took place. The very accusation of the Legal Center (illegal endorsement by the county) must use the very same endorsement to create the accusation on the paper for which it is written. If the county endorsed a religion with an animated display, then the Legal Center endorsed a religion with an official written document. It is kind of the "pot calling the kettle black" scenario.

Let us remind the Legal Center that the entire dating system of the United States (and the rest of the world) is a calendar of time divided into two parts. The first part is B.C. (Before Christ)--"B" is an abbreviation for "Before" and "C" is an abbreviation for "Christ"--(This explanation is for the Legal Center)--Oh, and I almost forgot, "Christ" is another name for Jesus and Jesus is the name of the baby in the Nativity Scene--just in case the Legal Center did not know. Now, please note this example: Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Greece, in 356 B.C. This date means Alex was born 356 years before Christ (or Jesus) was born. So on it goes and all events dated B.C. are events occurring before the birth of the human being, Jesus.

Now let's address the second part of our calendar which is abbreviated A.D. This abbreviation is for a Latin phrase Anno Domini. A man named Dionysius Exiguus created this phrase in the 6th century which in English and American means "In the year of our Lord" and also "In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ"(Jesus is also called Lord). Dion's dating was intended to date all events that have occurred since the human being, Jesus, was born. Now, please note this example: George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, (USA) on February 22, 1732. This date means George was born on the 22nd day of the 2nd month 1,732 years after the birth of the human being, Jesus. So on it goes and all events dated A.D. (Although A.D. is not always used, it is always assumed) have occurred since the birth of the human being, Jesus.

For the last 1,500 years the world has used this calendar and dating system--B.C. and A.D. Before the birth of Jesus, after the birth of Jesus. It's kind of simple, don't you think? It has also been around for a while, right? We celebrate birthdays for Martin Luther King and George Washington and these birthdays are sanctioned Federal holidays. Christmas day is also a Federal holiday and it is a birthday of a human being, a baby boy, named Jesus who is Christ the Lord. Believing Jesus is Christ and believing Jesus is Lord may be a religious belief. But the fact that Jesus was born and that all time references the day of his birth is indisputable. It is not based on religion but on a fact of reality; and this reality continues with the dating of all Federal, State, County and City records. All Federal currency endorses this reality. All Birth Certificates endorses this reality. All Death Certificates endorses this reality. Monica Miller's own certificate of birth is an endorsement that Jesus was born!

The Nativity Scene on the Courthouse lawn in Mountain Home, AR, is an expression of the reality that Jesus was born 2014 years ago. This same Courthouse houses thousands and thousands if not millions of documents. Each one of these documents has a date of A.D. inscribed upon its face and as such is an endorsement to the reality of the birth of Jesus. Taking all of these documents as housed inside this structure actually creates a monument displayed by the Courthouse itself. If the Legal Center wants the Nativity scene removed then the Courthouse should be removed as well and all documents inside destroyed. This is the amount of sense and intelligence that the AHLC has delivered to Mountain Home.

George and MLK and Jesus have birthdays and the celebration of these days are endorsed by the Federal Government. They are called Washington's Birthday (now, President's Day) celebrated on February 17, 2014; Martin Luther King Day celebrated on January 20, 2014; and Christmas Day celebrated on December 25, 2014. All three recognize and celebrate the birthdays of three men: George Washington, Martin Luther King, and Jesus (he had no last name). George and MLK were respected in their fields of service. Jesus birth was so significant that the world's calendar relates to the day of his birth. Nothing is religious about this, just an indisputable and recognized fact of reality for the past 1, 500 years.

What do these three men and their Federal sanctioned holidays have in common? All three are secular events. G.W., MLK, have specific secular dates of birth and so does Jesus. Jesus was born on the first day of the first month of 1 A.D. (by definition). All events from this time forward carry this official designation on the world calendar as A.D. All events before this event carry the designation B.C. The fact that Jesus birthday distinguishes the world calendar into B.C./A.D. is secular and not religious. The day of Jesus' birth enters into the Christian religion but the event itself is secular. The notations B.C./A.D. are completely secular. They are not religious. The Nativity Scene is an artistic and animated expression of a secular event. There are no legal grounds to mandate the removal of a Nativity Scene expressing a secular event which by law has been mandated by our Federal Government as a Federal Holiday.
Scott Johnson El Dorado, AR 71730

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