The Ten Commandments - No Idols

The Second Commandment teaches men and women to not have Idols. For me to understand this commandment completely, I must understand who God is and who He is not. One of the best sermons recorded in our Bibles about Idols and the need for understanding God might be found in Acts 17.16-34. Paul arrives into Athens, Greece, and was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols. He goes on to say that the people were ignorant of the very thing they worshiped and because of this lack of understanding, he would proclaim and set the record straight by describing who God is and who He is not. They were "religious" for sure but missing the mark entirely.

God has made the world and everything in it. God has made the heavens and the universe, so that nothing exists in all creation that has not been created by God. Idols do not have this power, Idols have not and never will be able to create. God's creation is specifically accounted for in Gen 1. The male and female human species was created by God and in the image of God. Man and woman were not created by Idols. Further, the union of a man and a woman was not designed by Idols. God made male and female to unite and procreate, becoming one flesh so that another flesh is reproduced but only through God's creative power. Thru God's creative process, human beings have multiplied and the development of the human races has been designed and carried out by God. Pigmentation determines races, and languages determines nations. About 178 official languages exist in about 195 countries today. God is the creator of these distinctions which make up our world, Idols are not.

We are God's offspring. We are not the offspring of Idols. God has designed the world's population as it has been and as it is, so that men and women would see Him and seek Him and reach for Him and find Him. The Idol is found in gold and silver and stone. The Idol is found in the imaginations of people by human design and skill. The Idol is found when the commandments are ignored, adulterated and changed to fit a heart without knowledge of God, our Creator. The Idol is found when a lie is chosen to be true and truth is chosen to be a lie. Other Idols are also found when "I" becomes first and foremost and God is not first. In Gen 3,the "I" thought was planted in the minds of Eve and Adam by a Crafty Serpent, the father of lies, and each one believed the lie that the serpent proposed and so a sentence of death interrupted a perfect life in Paradise because of "I". The First Couple became the first Idolaters because they thought they deserved better wanting to be equal with God so they ignored, changed and adulterated the commandment. Enter stage right Idolatry, newly born and in full bloom--in charge of life.

Now, enter Jesus, Son of God, the Only begotten, firstborn of all creation, the image of the Father God, through whom and by whom and for whom all things were created. Jesus is before all things and in Jesus, the Christ, all things hold together. Jesus has fasted 40 days and nights in a desolate, barren desert close to the Dead Sea. In Mat 4, Jesus has an encounter in the wilderness with the same serpent found 4,000 years earlier in Eden. The topic is disguised Idolatry and the Master, weary and hungry, defeats this evil-ventured mission by proclaiming "It is written..." and recites the second Commandment. Idols have nothing to do with the Son of God. Idols intend to demean, harass, and scoff His very existence. Immanuel, God with us, has come to seek and save the lost and regain Paradise, exchanged for the lie of Idolatry. "Dear Children, keep yourselves from Idols." 1 John 5.21

Revelation 9.17 (NKJV) "...those who sat on them had breastplates of firey red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow..."
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